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The PepperHQ Connector Development Kits provide all of the information necessary for a developer to integrate an existing external system or service of a specific type with the PepperHQ platform.

All Connectors must conform to the facade described in the Service Facade documentation.

The archetypes of Service that can be connected to the Pepper platform are:

  • Point of Sale - Integrating with Point-of-Sale (POS), Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) and other means to submit Orders into a retail environment (e.g. thermal printers).
  • Payment Gateway - For processing payments on behalf of Users.
  • Stored Value - For managing Users’ pre-paid balances.
  • Identity - For integrating with existing Identity systems that authenticate Users against existing external systems.
  • Analytics - For submitting Business Events to existing Business Intelligence and other data systems.
  • Administration - For integrating the Pepper platform with existing CRM and CMS environments.

Application Template

An application template, that implements the patterns and concepts described in this Connector Development Kit, can be forked from

This allows a developer to bootstrap their development and improve the speed and consistency of delivery.

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