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Pepper Powered Scenarios

An overview of the scenarios that the PepperHQ technology enables.

There are three primary scenarios that are enabled by the Pepper app:


The Pay-at-PoS User Scenario allows for a Merchant’s customers to check-in to a store using the Pepper App and then pay for products and services at the PoS using their stored app balance.

They are also able to automatically earn and burn loyalty points when they make purchases at the PoS, regardless of whether they choose to pay with their app balance or not.

For a walkthrough of this scenario, from the perspective of the PoS user, please see the Revel Training Video.


The Pre-Order User Scenario allows for a Merchant’s customers to choose products that they would like to order for collection from a Menu in any Pepper powered app and then place the Order for fulfilment and collection at the chosen Location.


The Pay-at-Table User Scenario allows for a Merchant's customers to retrieve and pay for their bill at their table via the Pepper powered app.

At the time of writing, this is a roadmap feature of the Pepper app. The integration described in this document will facilitate this scenario.